Children's Events

Children's Crafts

Children love to be creative and use their imaginations to create uniquely amazing worlds of art. The Cottage at Main has put together several different craft events for children to stretch the boundaries of their imaginations and dive into making their own creations! Joy us today for one of our many creative events!

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The Cottage at Main Mining Event

Children will enjoy digging for gemstones in a “Peppered mine” using sifters, shovels, buckets, and helmets while discussing where rocks and minerals come from, how they are formed and helping to look up the mined stones in order to identify them properly.

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Patty Cake Painting

Patty Cake Painting appeals to the younger audience and is intended to be an adult/child participation event.  For this event, we use hands, glue, glitter washi tape, acrylic paint, and other media on canvas and canvas panels to make unique animals and images.  Creativity is the only prerequisite, as you use your own imagination and some light guidance through the creative process.  This class is so much fun and is an opportunity for the party goers to spend some quality tactile messy time with one another.  Join the fun today!

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Palette Play

Attendees at this event will be painting with stencils, acrylic paints, and sponges on panel canvas, as they are guided in making their own Palette Play Paint Project.  Some of the projects will include dinosaurs, ballerinas, birds, cats, dogs, and other animals!

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The Name Game Sign

Attendees at this event will be making their own personalized wooden Name Sign.  Prior to the party, all attendees are asked to provide the name they wish to paint on their board and they will be led on the journey toward completing a board with their name personalized with glitter, paint, and sponges.

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What’s My Repurpose

This is a class that will change weekly, as schedule allows, with craft classes utilizing recycled and repurposed items to create new projects that bring joy.  Since each class is a unique and different project, it will be necessary for you to check the Schedule to see which project is upcoming.

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Power of Pictures

This children’s workshop is good for young adults as well as younger children.  This is a powerful journey for children to embark on as they learn the art of collage and self-expression, exercising their imaginations and testing the limits of their artistic abilities.

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