Alessandra Mary

Coven Divine is a local woman owned business in Southbury, CT. Its offerings currently include ritual wares and a women’s community to deepen connection with the divine. The purpose of the coven as a sacred, heart centered community is for women to explore their inner landscape, reclaim their intuitive wisdom, express their authentic truth + remember their innate divinity.

Alessandra is a wild, free spirited, nature loving, cosmic contemplating Creatrix. As the owner of Coven Divine, she specializes in creating beauty, sharing wisdom + holding sacred spaces. Her passion for spirituality, connection and magic is what led her to starting her business and becoming a women’s circle facilitator.

She loves beautiful experiences + treasures and hopes that her products may support others in cultivating a more intimate connection with the tangible as well as spiritual in life. She is devoted to creating sacred space for women to awaken to their inner wisdom and feel embraced by a powerful community of loving women. She believes that by coming together to celebrate our shared experience of humanity, we remember the truth that we are all just walking each other home.

Alessandra draws her inspiration from the rhythms of nature, the cycles of the moon and the energetic guidance that astrology offers to weave the threads of her circles together. Through her personal practice of meditation, visualization, ritual and reflection she finds heart centered truth + knowing that allows her to show up as her authentic self, inspiring those around her to do the same.

Her intention in walking this path is to inspire others to embody their light, speak their truth so they may expand into the highest version of themselves. Through this awakening, we come home to the radiance within, feeling deep nourishment, fulfillment + love.