Anne Adams

Anne began her inner art adventure back in 2006, when she began dabbling in watercolor paints. “I have always wanted to paint, but never took art classes. I was encouraged to just do it! I wanted to create something nice, but instead my experience led me to the discovery of process art. I let go of my expectations and instead found acceptance of what my creative self wanted to express.”

In 2009, Anne completed an eight-month certification program in process art. Many hours were spent creating, journaling, and living the process as it unfolded.
She learned that patience and perseverance were the keys to unlocking her creative self. She still enjoys watercolors, but junk/art journaling is now her passion. “The journal is a place you can sit with your Self and have a creative play date.”

Anne’s classes are designed so that you experience the exploration and acceptance of your own creativity, whatever form it may take, without judgment or expectation. No art experience is necessary, just a willingness to let go and see what happens. “I encourage you to immerse yourself in a journey of self discovery with intuition as your guide.”